About Us

Crystallized by Sparkle has been creating rhinestone embellished items since 1998 starting with a bustier and matching jeans. Soon after, friends and family were clamoring for their own personalized hint of shimmer - and before long, Sparkle was born! But, in 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit and derailed the business plan. Nevertheless, in 2008, we saw an opportunity to rekindle the flame we had for bling! So, drawing from life's own wonderful inspiration, we began creating again. Today, we have launched Crystallized by Sparkle to showcase not only gorgeous clothing and accessories, but our full line of crystallized items that will explode in stunning rainbows of sparkle in and outside of your home! 

Who says that your Sparkle has to be limited to accessories? With a splash of Sparkle on chic clothing, you can Sparkle to your heart's content! I also offer Crystallized home décor such as Suncatchers, crystal tissue box covers, crystal jewelry boxes and so much more! When you buy from me, you can rest assured that you are getting the finest quality items with the best customer service possible. Owned by the mother of an extreme fashionista age 7, Sparkle features luxury crystals on tees, tanks, sweaters, and more for all. Each and every tee is custom created just for you, and features crystal Sparkle for a lot of shimmer and style!

Our Purpose and Mission:

Crystallized by Sparkle is here to help add a little sparkle to your life in the hopes that your wardrobe won't just be something to wear, but something that brings a smile to your face as well as the faces of those you encounter.

Our Vision:

Crystallized by Sparkle's vision is to put a smile on the faces of each and every client we work with as a smile can be the difference between being at a low point or having a great day. 

We've built this foundation on quality, honesty, and a love for our fellow person. We respect all people and want to spread love, kindness, joy and sparkle through our products and customer service to all. 

So welcome, and remember, Crystallized by Sparkle is here for when it absolutely, positively HAS to sparkle!