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#BeingCreatefulTogether Helping Hands

#BeingCreatefulTogether Helping Hands

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As we enter the holiday season we feel it's a great opportunity to come together to acknowledge and recognize our Frontline and Everyday Heroes.

The idea of #beingcreatefultogether came to fruition with the collaboration of Crystallized by Sparkle, BeCreateful and My File Addiction. Our vision is to acknowledge the many amazing people who are stepping up to help others as we navigate these trying times. We created a logo symbolic of the heart and strength of a hero. A heart of gold and a Diamond. A diamond begins as a piece of coal, under extreme pressure that piece of coal becomes a beautiful and strong diamond. Similarly, heroes emerge during stressful conditions.

As a result of this collaboration, this downloadable rhinestone template file is free. We would love to see you present your everyday heroes with the #BeingCreatefulTogether logo and letting them know that they are someone's hero! Take a photo/video and share on social media using the hastag #beingcreatefultogether and share in the spread of love from coast to coast!